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LARIAT.NET is a local Internet service provider based in Laramie, Wyoming. Founded in 1992 as a community network and relaunched as a private ISP in 2003, we were the world's first wireless broadband provider and have more than 20 years of wireless Internet experience -- more than anyone else! We remain an innovator in wireless technology and Internet security, and are the only Internet provider serving Laramie which is locally owned, locally operated, locally managed, and not a franchise or chain. Try a side-by-side test; we give you faster browsing for the money than any other ISP in Laramie.

Best of all, our fixed wireless Internet service -- our most popular offering -- lets you "cut the cord." You don't need a wired phone line (as you would to get a reasonable price for DSL) or cable TV (as you would to get a decent price for cable modem service). We don't force you to buy a "bundle" that includes stuff you don't want. There are no long term contracts or "surprise" price increases.

Lately, the telephone company has been offering a 5-year "price lock." What they don't point out, though, is that it is also a "speed lock." When they offer higher speeds, you won't be able to take advantage of them without forfeiting the "guaranteed" pricing. But LARIAT is different. Under LARIAT's "best speed/best price" policy, when we get better wholesale pricing on our Internet bandwidth, we will pass it along to all existing users. You will get a speed increase, with no rate increase, automatically! And unlike competitors, we don't just mail you a modem or plug in a cable box and wish you luck. We provide personalized, local support and have the networking know-how that's essential to making Internet connections work best for businesses and individuals. We offer:
  • Superior, secure high speed wireless Internet access, with all-inclusive monthly charges starting at $40 per month. (No 9's in our rates to make them look lower, and they're the actual rates; there are no hidden charges.) Click the link to the left for details; also see our Frequently Asked Questions page and our flyer for more information. We can provide service to any customer, from a user with a single machine to a large corporate office building. 
  • New! Premium Internet telephone service, with superior sound quality and monthly charges much lower than those of the telephone company. Your existing number can be transferred to this service (it's called Voice over IP, or VoIP) within two weeks after you sign up; no need to inform friends and family of a new number. The VoIP adapter box lets you keep on using your existing telephone(s). We'll even help to hook it up if you order it along with new Internet service.

    Note: We looked long and hard before selecting a VoIP service with which to partner. This one, which is called Ooma, has the best sound quality we've encountered plus an incredible number of innovative high tech features that will make your regular telephone line seem ancient and obsolete. They include unlimited nationwide calling, digital voicemail (you can even have your voice messages e-mailed to you), telemarketer blocking, three way calling, a choice of wireline (1+ for non-local) or cell phone dialing styles, the ability to ring your home and cell phones simultaneously so you can take the call on either, and more. Once you've used them, you won't want to give them up. You can also take the VoIP adapter with you (for example, if you go on vacation) and connect it to the Internet wherever you go. The service and telephone number will "follow" it! The cost of our Internet plus VoIP beats any Internet+phone "bundle" from a telephone or cable company. And if you're a rural telephone customer paying "Zone 3" prices, the savings on telephone service alone will more than pay for your Internet. Click here (Link will open a new browser window or tab) to learn more.
Please note that we do not do general computer sales, maintenance, or repair, but can refer clients to reputable local computer stores and consultants who do.

FREE INSTALLATION SPECIAL! For a limited time only, LARIAT.NET is offering free installation of wireless Internet (normally $75). You buy the equipment; we install it at no charge. We'll even throw in the cable (average cost $30) and lightning protector ($15). And because you own your wireless equipment, there's no rental fee! See our wireless page for more.

FIREWALL ROUTER SALE! New or existing LARIAT subscribers can buy routers from us at bargain prices. We have three classes of routers: Basic, for apartments and small houses, for $30; Long range, with large antennas, for larger houses or to reach outdoors from inside; and Hotrod, with multiple frequency bands and high powered processors, for $60. All are for sale at far less than you'd pay at Wal-Mart... expertly configured to work perfectly with the LARIAT network! We also sell custom wireless repeaters, wireless access points, and wired routers as well as network cables and adapters.

We sponsor LARIAT.ORG, Laramie's Internet users' group.

Click the links above for more information or call us at 307-761-2895.
You may also e-mail Brett for details, support, or price quotes.

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Note: We're often asked why our Web site's design is rather "plain," without lots of fancy graphic elements, menus, pop-ups, pull-downs, etc. The answer: it has been designed for easy access from mobile phones, by dialup users who have not yet obtained high speed Internet, and by the visually impaired, who often rely upon text-based Web browsers and talking "screen readers." Mobile browsers are easily confused by complex pages, and screen readers can't make much sense of pages with excessive graphic content. We can help you to design and post Web sites which are readily accessible to all and conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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